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Belief 6 : Everyone takes part in personal development

In line with our belief that “Everyone takes part in personal development” our MD, Peter Harrison, has been seeking mentors within the international business community. He’s been looking to develop his public image as well as to gain an insight into the subtler aspects of leadership. In furtherance of this aim Peter recently spent a weekend in Scotland at the Trump International Links Golf Course learning from one of the greatest and most charismatic leaders of our time.

After a weekend of close business mentoring Peter was ready to comment on what he’d learned. Peter said “It’s gonna be great. We got plans and they’re the best plans. We’re gonna get our best people onto this. We’ll make FGH great again! You’re not gonna believe how great this is gonna be!” He then announced a spectacular new opportunity for FGH Security to provide security teams to patrol the new border wall between the United States and Mexico.

On his decision to appoint a British contractor rather than homegrown talent the President pointed out that he’d had a long talk with the Brexit Secretary David Davis about how great British industry was and what a great success story Britain would be after leaving the EU and proclaimed himself thoroughly sold on the idea. He mentioned that it was in no way Vladimir Putin’s idea and dismissed allegations that, while the three of them were staying in Mr Trump’s hotel, Peter had got on rather well with Mr Putin after taking the Russian leader up on his offer of some bare-chested hunting in the Scottish wilderness as “fake news”.

In the coming weeks, key members of the FGH team will be travelling to the U.S. to assess the scale of the training and recruitment project required to make a success of the deployment.

One of the key challenges expected in the initial deployment phase is the lack of Spanish language skills within the FGH core service offering. Peter has been considering functional Spanish for security professionals and has compiled a core list of helpful phrases ranging from the clear core Trump message “No trabajar aquí; no es bueno!” to the more esoteric security phrases like “Lo siento, no puedes entrar porque estás demasiado borracho,” which can also be used when dealing with international students in a Door Supervision setting.
guarding the wall ii

If you think you’ve got the right mindset to ensure that sovereignty of our friends across the Atlantic and make sure the great American people are not oppressed by migrants from South of the border coming over there and taking their jobs apply directly using the form below.

The core skill set of the ideal candidate will include: A love of God, Guns and Government; faith in the power of Jesus; affection for the colour Orange; and belief that Born in the U.S.A is the patriotic rallying cry of a nation rather than a protest song.

FGH Security values diversity and is an Equal Opportunities employer, however immigrants and people of Hispanic descent are not suitable for this role.

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