Barrow in Furness licensed premises radio network established by FGH Security

Besides having internal radios which link a team of Door Supervisors to each other and venue management, most towns and cities in the UK have a dedicated community radio network which links each pub, bar and club to each other and often a town centre CCTV control point, Street Pastors and/or the Police. These community networks allow users to readily share information regarding anti-social behaviour, welfare issues or request assistance. Door Supervisors will often use the network to provide descriptions and information to each other if they have a concern that a member of the public might go on to cause further issues at other venues or if they have a concern over someone’s wellbeing and require assistance in making sure they get home safely.

FGH Security provides to a number of venues in Barrow in Furness and until recently there was no community radio network in place. After extensive testing we have just introduced a long range radio network which now links all of the venues who work with us to each other. This initiative means that our Door Supervisors can now readily share information and support each other. “We have worked really closely with all of the venues, our staff and local licencing to implement the network,” explained Ben Knott, Senior Manager who championed the project. “The response that we have had has been excellent so far from both staff and customers alike and it is already providing measurable results. Often Door Supervisors from larger towns and cities can take their community radio system for granted but it is often vitally important in ensuring that licencing objectives are met and alcohol related antisocial behaviour is minimised. I’d like to thank the Kings Arms, Drawing Room, The Knights, Bar 5, The Barrow Arms, The Cross Keys and the Derby for all of their help and contributions to get the system up and running.”



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