FGH Athlete goes to World Kettlebell Championships

Chris-peil-event-security-2Chris Peil has worked for FGH for over ten years and is a regular feature at the majority of festivals and large events that we provide for throughout the summer as part of our Event Security division. In his spare time Chris takes part in kettlebell sport and has recently qualified to represent England at the World Championships in the 95kg class of the Amateur Long Cycle Event. Kettlebell sport involves competitors lifting two kettlebells (which vary in weight based on the level of competition) from between their legs to overhead as many times as possible within a fixed time period. Competitors are also separated into specific weight classes.

“I worked as a personal trainer and I suppose my own training previous to kettlebell sport would be best described as recreational bodybuilding which was predominantly weight training for strength and aesthetic purposes but with no intention of getting on a bodybuilding stage. I started using kettlebells as a free weights option that were easy to transport to use with clients. When I did my kettlebell instructor certificate they told me about kettlebell sport and I had a bit of a look online but did nothing with it because ten continuous minutes of lifting without putting the weights down sounded crazy, particularly as professional men used two thirty two kilo kettlebells,” explains Chris. ”When I changed jobs to field sales and was going to be staying away without predictable access to well-equipped gyms I decided to take my own kettlebells to hotel rooms with me to train. I thought if that was what I was going to do I’d take it seriously and have a go at kettlebell sport. That was May 2012. I did my first comp in October 2012 on sixteen kilo kettlebells. I’ve since progressed to twenty four kilo kettlebells, the recognised ‘amateur’ competition weight at international level and have competed in the British Open twice finishing third and then first in class. This year I qualified for the England amateur team and will go to Hamburg next week.”

Chris’s previous competitive personal best is seventy repetitions with twenty four kilo kettlebells during the GSU British Open this year. He is currently coached by Abi Johnston (a Scottish lifter and multiple world and UK record holder) and trains out of the Centre For Functional Performance in Watford. Over the long term he is aiming to progress onto full professional competition and hopefully qualify to compete at the World Championships at this level.

Chris-peil-event-security-3As an employer FGH Security seeks to provide funding to its staff who take part in sporting challenges or actively compete. In the past we have sponsored ultra marathon runners through to strongmen and bodybuilders, Chris is no exception and we wish him well at the World Championships. We’ll be documenting Chris’s progress during the competition via our Facebook page and then writing a post event news interview when he comes back.


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