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FGH has always been proud of its pioneering spirit; it’s determination to innovate and adopt the latest technologies to improve its service delivery, both for our staff and customers. With this in mind we are proud to announce that FGH has teamed up with leading animal behaviourist and star of TV’s ‘My Cat from Hell’ Jackson Galaxy to create the industry’s very first feline patrol team. Although a name for the initiative has not been finalised as yet, initial thoughts are to call out feline team Pussy Patrol.


‘I have to admit’, says Peter Harrison, FGH Security Managing Director, and cat connoisseur, ‘this is probably one of my most genius ideas’. ‘The debate on who’s better, cats or dogs is ages old and though I have always been firmly on team cat, it was only after watching the recent BBC documentary ‘Cats V Dogs: Which is Best?’ that I realised how very superior cats are to dogs. This got me thinking: why do we use dogs widely within the security industry? Surely the attuned senses, unparalleled instincts and general ninja skills of cats make them a more usable resource? I think one issue is that people are quick to assume that cats are difficult to train but I’ve seen loads of videos on YouTube of cats being trained to use the toilet and Jackson Galaxy can turn even the most feral of felines into a placid, trainable pussy cats.’ Lewis Walsh, Senior Manager, is already spearheading the scheme in his division. ‘It’s still early days but I’ve already been to the nearest rescue centre and chosen my cat. He’s a quick learner too. He has just about mastered the computer system but his lack of opposable thumbs are causing a bit of an issue but I’m sure we’ll have him writing assignment instructions in no time. I’m also in the process of assigning a feline operative to my each of my supervisory staff so hopefully we will have a three tier cat supervisory team in place by the summer. What a time to be part of FGH’.

prideThis summer will see FGH’s Events Division trialling the feline patrol scheme throughout key events including Manchester Pride. Alex Redman, Operations Manager, could not be more enthusiastic about the trial. ‘It’s a cracking idea’ agrees Alex, ‘I might sign my own cat Sir Laddington up. He’s normally a little anxious and unhappy about change, but I figure with a bit of training he could be taught to be less of a pussy’.

Initial findings suggest that cats could form a vital role in conflict management both within Door Supervision and key deployments in Events and as a cat’s senses are as attuned as a dogs and the formation of a feline detection unit can be a viable and cost-effective solution to the issue of contraband getting into festivals, nightclubs and bars. Cats can form both a distraction to help de-escalate conflict but also a fluffy friend to help reduce stress in the work place. Andy Marshall, General Manager of the Albert Hall and Albert’s Schloss said, ‘Dogs are so last year. Cats are not only more on trend but are also far more personable. Initial trails at Albert’s Schloss have been a resounding success so far. Nibbles has been a credit to us and everyone leaves the venue happy that they’ve seen a pussy that evening’.

FGH has also been in talks with the manufacturers of Go-Pro cameras to see if it is possible to make the technology (and associated harnasses) much smaller to allow them to be mounted on cats. This will revolutionise our guarding division. After all, who would suspect detection from a cat? It is hoped that live footage from CatCam (Patent Pending) back to a CCTV control centre can help ensure police are dispatched early and trespassers and wrong-doers caught in the act. door-supervision-catIt is also envisaged that the feline division could be trained to form a stealth undercover operation and assist in spotting and apprehending would-be criminals in festivals, in nightclubs and bars. Dave Taylor, FGH Senior Manager, has acknowledged that initially it would be difficult to teach cats effective physical intervention skills: ‘you would need several cats to overcome your average miscreant’ says Dave but suggests that this could be overcome by buddying Security Operatives with a Feline counterpart. The human half of the duo who could then take over and apprehend as and when needed.

FGH has seen the future-it’s feline. We are now need your help to talent spot for this next evolution in the security industry.
Do you have a cat whose talents you feel maybe wasted? Do you have a feline who you think may have the raw skills to make an exceptional Feline Security Operative? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your cat is particularly stealthy?

If this is your cat, we need to hear from you. Please take 2 minutes to complete the application form below. If successful your cat will be accommodated and trained in our planned state of the art cat training facility, they will receive regular medical check-ups and will be fed a low-fat, protein rich diet to keep them in tip-top condition and feline fine.

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