FGH goes Carbon Neutral


2. Take a long term view and act sustainably

woodland carbonTo complement our recent internationally recognised Environmental Management Systems accreditation (ISO 14001), we have become Carbon Neutral by partnering up with the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme. The Woodland Carbon scheme is designed to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by locking up carbon emissions through planting trees. As members we work with the Woodland Trust to create new woodland in the UK. This means besides acting positively and responsibly to reduce our carbon emissions we also support a more sustainable environment. In essence FGH now offsets its measured carbon emissions on an annual basis rendering  the company now carbon neutral. We will continue to do this each year as part of our commitment to be an environmentally responsible company. The other key benefit of the scheme is that we help to support the UK’s native tree species to assist our natural ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife and create new woodland. What this means practically is The Woodland Trust is to plant around 100 trees on our behalf.  We requested they be planted at a site within the Northwest in Cumbria.

“This is a real move forward for us as a company and the industry as a whole. We think we are the only security company in the UK to currently be doing this and hope that others will follow suit. It also puts us on the same level as nationally recognised brand such as Waitrose,” explained David Hassall, who oversees the company’s Environmental Management System. “ISO 14001 looks at reducing or eliminating our environmental impact and as part of our system we are actively measuring our total emissions. The result of this is that we know almost exactly how much carbon we are releasing into the atmosphere and can therefore actually offset this amount to make ourselves carbon neutral. It’s something we should all really be proud of as a company and shows our commitment to sustainability.”


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