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FGH Security has a proud tradition of working with the Armed Forces. From our membership of the SaBRE scheme, which supported employment of active and discharged members of the military, through to our Silver Award at the Armed Forces Business Awards, we offer a range of opportunities to military personnel.

‘It’s flexible and an excellent job to have alongside being a Royal Marine reservist,’ explained Marco. Marco is currently one of our Security Supervisors in our Events Division and has been a Royal Marine Reservist for the past six years. Marco has completed the same training and met the same standards required to become a Royal Marine Commando (earning his Green Beret in the process). Unlike a regular Royal Marine, he is not fully enlisted, however he is still required to give up his free time at certain points each month to attend events and training at the detachment or take part in exercises. ‘The company is good at accommodating my commitment to the Marines and to my day job. It is an excellent job in terms of its flexibility, pay and the management are really supportive and welcome feedback,’ said Marco. On the ground his military and life experience shines through and he is keen to help mentor new staff members and in his own words, ‘looks to guide where I can’. Marco is also and FGH Athlete and somehow finds time to regularly take part in Ultra Marathons.


Matt left the armed forces after a number of years and worked in the private security industry prior to working for FGH Security. ‘I was in for seven years in total as part of the 40th regiment (Royal Marines) and did a tour of Afghanistan. I then went on to work in private security for four years and worked in Africa training Nigerian Marines.’ Once he moved back to the UK Matt began to work for other Event Security companies until he heard about FGH, ‘I first heard about the company through word of mouth from other people who had been or were in the military and had then gone on to work for the company. It’s a really good crack at times and the banter is similar to the military. In my experience the people FGH recruit are excellent compared to other security companies and the company as a whole is one of the best in the UK. If someone [from the forces] is going to get into the security industry they are probably the best company to work for.’

Matt now works freelance across the UK providing adventure training alongside working for us on a regular basis in both our Events and Door Supervision divisions. ‘There’s always plenty of work; they are flexible and they always do their best to work around any other commitments that I have.’ When asked how our management structure compared to the armed forces he described it as, ‘Good and it’s easy to talk to members of management. It’s not too top heavy.’

fgh-security-supporting-the-military‘I’m part of the 29th Commando Royal Artillery and have been in for ten years now.’ Scott is still serving in the military and works for FGH on an ad-hoc basis. Initially Scott worked as a Steward at some of our larger events however he soon moved into one of our specialist perimeter and breach testing teams. ‘I’ve had two operational tours now and then quite a few exercises away including Norway, Brunei, America and through Europe. I’m based in Scotland with 45 Commando at the minute.’ Scott’s military career comes first for him and he finds it difficult fitting in events when he is away on exercise but the frequency of events the company means that there are always opportunities when he has free time, ‘You work hard and get the benefits from it but the company never over work you. If you work hard for them they work hard for you.’ Scott is friendly and likeable and gets on, ‘really well with other members of FGH staff’. He finds the company have a relaxed management structure and is not ‘deadly serious’ which makes working for the company enjoyable so he doesn’t really see it as another job.

If you’re a serving member of the armed forces or have just left you can apply to work for us by following this link.


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The support team is passionate about ensuring our people have all the tools they need to get their jobs done to a high level and keep people safe. Our training never stops, and we all take part in ongoing executive education which is themed around Leadership, Lean, Mindfulness and Teamwork.

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