Frank Turner At Lancaster Town Hall | News | FGH Security

On Friday 6th July, Frank Turner played a solo gig in Lancaster Town Hall to support the Morecambe Bay Food Bank. All proceeds from the show which was organised by our friends behind Kendal Calling go towards food supplies in Morecambe.

Last year the charity (chaired by Frank Turner’s sister) worked hard to give out more than 7000 three day food supplies and this year they are hoping to be able to help even more.

The gig was completely sold out for the intimate acoustic set, a very limited number of tickets were available.

Tom Sharman said: ‘I am the Operations Manager for regular events and this one of my favourite one-off events that we do here at the Town Hall in Lancaster. This gig is the second year it has occurred in the Town Hall in Lancaster, it been a very successful evening. We have 925 paying customers in the venue, a lot of them are returning from last year because they really enjoyed it. We have had no issues, a really good crowd, everyone is having a lot of fun and singing along with Frank helped by my small but experienced security team of 8 to make sure everyone is safe, happy and having a good time.’


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