Hacienda Classical and A-Wing Promoters working with FGH Security


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On Sunday night one of the most hotly anticipated events of FGH’s 2016 events calendar took place as Hacienda Classical and A-Wing Promoters lit up the skies around Lancaster with a dazzling light show spectacular. The event followed on from the success of Hacienda Classical in Manchester in February and March and is described by NME Magazine has as being ” Probably the best rave since 1997…. A night of soaring synth riffs, euphoric drops and massive tunes.” Over 2900 people attended the event, held at Lancaster’s famous Williamson Park, and FGH deployed over 40 staff for the build and break and to the event itself to ensure that revellers could enjoy the sounds and the spectacle safely.

Williamsons Park provided the perfect backdrop for the strings of the Manchester Camerata Orchestra and the synths of Hacienda legendary DJs Graeme Park and Mike Pickering. The site itself, 54 acres of woodland and landscaped open spaces topped by the stunning early 20th century Ashton Memorial, provided its own unique challenges with regular perimeter patrols being needed alongside the entrance security checks, static security positions and response requirements that would normally be expected of such an event. However, Lancaster will agree that the city benefited from this landmark event and as Hacienda and A-Wing Promoters’ impressive light show illuminated the Ashton Memorial as never before, and songs such as New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ and Rowetta’s rendition of ‘You’ve Got the Love’ roared out of the park, for a little while everyone in the city was transported back in 1990’s ‘Madchester’.

Amy Stanley, the Operations Supervisor responsible for the running of the event described the evening as a learning curve. The fact that Williamson Park has never seen anything of its like before was challenging admits Amy ‘but despite this from a security perspective the evening went smoothly. The most important thing is that customers and staff enjoyed the evening and we got some really positive feedback from event organisers.’


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