HMS Prince of Wales

3 minutes reading time | 3rd March 2020

On Friday 28th March, one of the largest and most powerful warships in the Royal Navy sailed into Liverpool’s Docks. One of two new giant new aircraft carriers, the HMS Prince of Wales is longer than the Houses of Parliament at the length of 280 meters. It is also 70 meters wide which is big enough to fit three football pitches. Crowds packed the waterfront in the wet and windy weather to see her. The weather did not deter the onlookers who lined the coastline throughout the weekend to see the 65,000-tonne ship which has visited to demonstrate Navy’s close ties to the city.

RMS Prince of Wales

To keep everyone safe, FGH Security provided security search teams on terminal boarding, roaming response throughout the Naval village and along the waterfront, guarding to the entrance and exit of the ship and safety and crowd management of the visitors at this historic first visit. This occasion is entirely unique and though challenging (especially in the wet weather) our team continue to deliver the friendly & professional service we are renowned for. The ticketed event where members of the public could board the aircraft was also sold out. 13,000 people were searched and boarded the aircraft carrier over the weekend (29th February – 1st March) with thousands more visiting the sea front to see the £3.1billion ship. Our team worked in partnership with Culture Liverpool, the Royal Navy, Event Design, Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire & Rescue, Cruise Liverpool, HM Coastguard and the St Johns Ambulance service as well as other security teams to ensure the best event experience possible.

Recently awarded Outstanding Young Security Professional, Amy Stanley – Operations Manager & Head of Security HMS Prince of Wales event – said, ‘It’s been an absolute pleasure to welcome HMS Prince of Wales into Liverpool. The teams out on the ground have battled all weathers and its fantastic to see lots of organisations working together to deliver such a great event in Liverpool. Don’t miss the chance to come and see this amazing ship before she sets sail. A thank you to all those members of the FGH team who’ve been keeping people safe this week. And a thank you to all the organisations we’ve worked in partnership with.’

HMS Prince of Wales is expected to depart on Friday but there is a possibility it could leave before.

Sian Newton


Our hero of the event is undoubtedly Sian Newton, who late on Friday night noticed a member of the public acting suspiciously near her position next to the River Mersey. When the man began climbing the railings she approached and engaged in a conversation. She managed to talk him down where she sat talked with him until the emergency services arrived.

Sian’s Supervisor, Sergio Walsh said, “I believe Sian went above and beyond whilst keeping amazingly calm throughout, her fantastic friendly and empathetic manner helped prevent a possibly terrible situation.”


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