Kerveros System making a difference in Security Guarding

security-garding-check-callAfter extensive testing and a final round of fine tuning we have now rolled out the Kerveros System to all of our security guarding sites. The system is the latest in patrol technology and uses QR codes so our security guards can log their patrol routes during the course of a shift. What makes the system revolutionary though is that it allows the guards to take photos and recording of any incidents and upload them in real time so a documented evidence trail can be kept. It also means that our control room and/or operations managers can be notified and put in place an immediate response if required to do so.

In addition to this the system also works in real time so FGH management staff can monitor guards on patrol and allows guards to send emergency messages if they are in danger. It also benefits our guarding staffs’ welfare even further by allowing them to make coordinated check calls to our control centre so we can ensure they are safe multiple times during the course of their shift.

security-guarding-with-qrAs a reporting measure it is excellent. All of the data the smart phones with the system send is encrypted via SSL and then both FGH management and our clients can view the reports within a range of timeframes; from a daily basis through to detailed monthly reports for trend analysis.

“As a company we have never utilised technology just for the sake of it or to make up for shortcomings in other areas”, explains Peter Harrison. “We have extensively tested the Kerveros System in detail and worked with staff and client focus groups to make sure that it was relevant, adds real value and enhances our service delivery even further. We have been really happy with improvement measures that they system has already helped us to make and the real benefits that it is providing to clients.”


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