FGH Security Celebrates Living Wage Week 2019

2 minutes reading time | 12th November 2019

We are proudly celebrating Living Wage Week.

In 2017 we proudly achieved the ‘Service Provider Status’ with the Living Wage Foundation. This status recognises that we want to play a role in supporting the aims of the Living Wage Foundation furthering best practice in the security industry and support our employees.

The Living Wage Foundation is at the heart of the independent movement of businesses; organisations and people who believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. Choosing the Real Living Wage (RLW) is voluntary and provides an ethical benchmark for reasonable pay. The RLW is calculated based on what employees and their families need to live. It isn’t possible for us to carry out the Living Wage for all contracts. However, as part of the Service Provider Status, we always communicate the Living Wage as an option to our clients. We offer a Living Wage bid alongside every tender and market submission to all our prospective clients to be sure they always have a choice in implementing the Living Wage from the beginning.

We provide the best quality service expected by the millions of people we keep safe every year. They rely on a skilled and motivated workforce working efficiently and effectively. The Living Wage pay rate helps us attract the higher calibre team member as well as changing some of the perceptions around the security industry. A living wage goes far beyond the daily pay rates, paying a fair rate means our team feel valued.what happens in living wage week?

2019 Living Wage Week UK Stats:

  • Currently, in the North West, there are circa 584,000 workers and Nationally 5.2 million workers receiving below the Real Living Wage in the UK.
  • 4 million people live below the poverty line.
  • 1 in 50 households have used food banks in the past 2 years.
  • Average household debt stands at £15,400.
  • There are circa 6000 accredited employers in the UK.
  • Living Wage Week announced their new hourly rate today as £9.30 (UK wide) and £10.75 (London) versus national living wage of £8.21… a difference of £1.09.

FGH Security’s Head of People & Culture Lyndsay Holt said, “Today (11th November) Caitlin and I attended the Salford Living Wage Week Event to celebrate what a real difference a Living Wage can make. This year’s theme is ‘Living Wage Places’ aiming to geographically focus efforts to create Living Wage Cities and Borough’s, collectively dedicated to making the Real Living Wage the standard. Salford is the first place in the UK to be recognised as a Real Living Wage City. Today at the event Oldham Council were awarded accreditation as a Real Living Wage Borough. We also listened to inspirational talks from Paul Dennett (Mayor of Salford), Clare Goth (Living Wage Foundation) and poet Tony Walsh driving home the tangible impact made by Real Living Wage employers.”


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