Record Breaking SIA Approved Contractor Score for FGH


…Be the benchmark for others

From the SIA’s very beginnings FGH have supported the efforts to professionalise the security industry. Since the formation of the SIA’s ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme) we have been on board and delighted to quantify and benchmark our quality ethos through our annual ACS audit. Over the years our standing amongst even the largest of organisations within the security industry, has been increasing; for the past 2 years we have been awarded scores placing us in the top 5% of all security providers in the country.

FGH has recently successfully completed its 2016 SIA ACS audit conducted by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). We are delighted to announce that we have achieved a score of 166, a 2-point increase on last year’s score of 164. Such an increase may seem negligible but as the maximum points available are 174, every additional audit point when you are already a high-scoring company involves an investment of hundreds of man hours and a watertight quality management program. Indeed, according to Peter Harrison, Managing Director, our result places us right at the pinnacle of the industry: “In the UK only 40 companies score 150 and above. As such we estimate that our score of 166 places us within the top 10 of the UK’s estimated 2000 manned security companies.”

In real terms this means our staff and customers can be reassured that they are in safe hands; our growth is sustainable and we have been recognised for our industry leading employment practices. A successful ACS audit endorses our company focus on staff, clients and community, it demonstrates that commercial success is without foundation unless contextualised within a commitment to charity and society at large.


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The support team is passionate about ensuring our people have all the tools they need to get their jobs done to a high level and keep people safe. Our training never stops, and we all take part in ongoing executive education which is themed around Leadership, Lean, Mindfulness and Teamwork.

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