‘Be Seeing You’ Festival No. 6

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Closing out the 2018 festival deployment calendar, Festival No. 6 has been another success for FGH. The festival is based in Portmeirion which was the stunning backdrop for the famous, cult, spy TV series, The Prisoner which follows a retired intelligence agent, known only as “Number 6” which the Festival is named after. The line from the show ‘Be Seeing You’ was on the lips of many visitors this weekend. Despite the festivals international recognition the organisers have said they need time to rethink its future. For all the demand for the festival, its allure, and charm, the festival has out grown is surroundings however there is speculation Festival No. 6 could return in 2020 in a different format.

Festival No.6

This year Festival No. 6 attracted more than 10,000 visitors to Portmeirion with rockers Franz Ferdinand being the final act to take to the stage on Sunday evening giving the festival the send off it deserved. The heavy rain which was forecast for the weekend turned up, but it didn’t spoil the atmosphere as thousands of families roamed the site and it’s many unique stages and attractions.

Festival No.6

Lewis Walsh, The Head of Security for Festival No.6 said,”This weekend saw FGH Security work with Global, Ground Control and Broadwick again for the last Festival No. 6 for sometime. The team provided an excellent service to the festival one which many team members have worked before and enjoy. The focus of this operation was based around the customer experience and providing a safe and secure festival, which was achieved. We look forward to being back at the new look Festival No. 6 in the near future.”


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