FGH Trainer

Dave Taylor

Which course(s) are you qualified to teach?

Door Supervision

Spectator Safety

First Aid

Conflict Management

Physical Intervention

Health and Safety

Risk Assessment

Award in Education and Training

Functional Skills, English

How long have you worked in the Security Industry?

16 Years

How long have you worked for FGH Security?

16 Years

Where do you enjoy to work the most?

I like to work at large events.  I need to constantly feel challenged and like I’m pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, so large, complex deployments are the most exciting for me.  They give me the opportunity to learn new things through experience every time, even after all my years in the industry.


What do you enjoy about teaching?

Challenging people’s perceptions and encouraging them to think in a new way about an issue or concept.  When teaching conflict, for example, I enjoy the look of amazement when someone genuinely believes there is only one possible reaction to a stimulus and then together we workshop dozens of potential alternatives.