Weekend of Winning for FGH

This weekend saw FGH fielding teams at the Lancaster Brewery Roll Out the Barrel competition and a touch rugby tournament organised by Lancaster University Sports Centre which involved the teams that also made up the touch rugby league we have been taking part in for the previous six weeks.

Roll Out the Barrel

Roll Out the Barrel is an annual charity event organised by Lancaster Brewery to raise money for their chosen charity of the year. This year all the money raised at the event went to Thumbprint which works to help people with learning difficulties to set up and run their own projects. The event itself requires both brains and brawn as teams of three people negotiating barrels through a series of obstacles and answer general knowledge questions in the quickest time possible.

We actively encourage all of our staff to take part and each year our teams at least make the semi-final of the knock out stages (an FGH won the first competition in 2012). This year was no exception and we entered three teams into the event, who all put in excellent performances, and ended with an all FGH final. The teams finished the course within seconds of each other and the overall winner had to be decided based on who had got the most general knowledge questions right and therefore had the lowest number of time penalties. After a tense few minutes the FGH ‘Cask Crusaders’ were named as 2014 Champions and were presented with the Silver Barrel Trophy.

Peter Harrison said, “Besides winning the event this year it was great to see so many members of staff taking part or turning up to support each other again. I’m really proud of how the staff consistently get behind these events and the great individual performances that they put in.”

Lancaster University Touch Rugby League

For the past six weeks FGH have been taking part in a touch rugby league organised by Lancaster University Sports Centre and after a number of strong performances over the previous weeks we’re pleased to announce that the team finished second overall in the league. We’d like to thank all of the staff members who turned up each week to play, encourage each other and help other members of the team improve.


Lancaster University Touch Rugby Tournament

We also took part in a touch rugby tournament on Sunday which involved our team playing thee games back to back on one of the hottest days of the year. The tournament was mainly made up of teams who had taken part in the league we were involved in and was structured in a similar format to the Super League Challenge Cup. We won our first game 6 tries to 5 to progress to the semi-finals where we won again 9 tries to 5. The final saw us playing the league winners who were made up of the Lancaster University First Team backs. Despite scoring the first two tries of the match and valiant efforts from each member of the FGH team we narrowly lost the final to finish in second place.

Amy Stanley (FGH Team Captain) said, “The team have developed over the league and peaked at just the right time for the Tournament. Our team work was really impressive and I think we really surprised the teams we played with how well we moved the ball in attack and our strong and tight defensive line. I’m proud of everyone involved and it was really good to see key players improve.”


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