Working with Lancashire Constabulary piloting new MG11 initiative

FGH are the first security company in the country to pilot a new scheme which will allow our staff to complete MG11 forms which are usually only completed by Police Officers. An MG11 form is a witness statement for which is used to document accounts and can be used in criminal prosecutions or legal proceedings. Twenty of our senior front line staff have now been extensively trained to complete these forms and will use them to record accounts of low level crime such as drug possession or drunk and disorderly behaviour. The Police will still take statements for any serious offences or where an injury has been sustained however it is hoped that the initiative will massively reduce the amount of time the Police spend away from front line policing duties and strengthen our working relationship even further. It also allowed the staff members to gain further insight into the evidence gathering process and understand the vital role that they play.

The initiative has been championed by PC Phil Salliss, on behalf of the constabulary, and Becky Webster, on behalf of FGH Security. Becky said, “Besides the amount of time that has been put into developing this training by both parties the response from the senior staff has been excellent and I only wish we had more spaces available on this first round of the pilot. Over the coming months as the staff members begin to complete the MG11s as part of their role and we all start to see the benefits hopefully the initiative will be rolled out on a wider basis.”


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