World Mental Health Day – Looking After Our Team

10th October 2019 | 3 minutes reading time

Today is World Mental Health Day so we thought we would remind our team of the extremely valuable support services available to them! We’re also celebrating that we have been recognised at Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Awards this year for our commitment to employee and occupational wellbeing and to coincide with World Mental Health Day we have just launched our 2019 Mind Workplace Wellbeing Survey.

We were one of 106 organisations to take part in Mind’s third annual Workplace Wellbeing Index in 2018 and we were recognised with a Silver Award. This award acknowledges that our approach to employee welfare has an impact within the workplace. Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index is a benchmark of best policy and practice, celebrating the good work employers are doing to promote and support positive mental health.

In the video below, our Human Resources Manager, Lyndsay Holt explains more:

We depend on healthy and productive team members and do our utmost to value and support our frontline team so they can realise their talents when needed. Mental health problems are common in the security industry, as they are across all sectors. Mind surveyed more than 44,000 employees across the 106 participating employers and found that 7 in 10 employees had experienced a mental health problem in their lifetime.

Mind Silver Achieving Impact Award

The Silver Award recognises our hard work in promoting workplace engagement and morale within the frontline team. The survey results benefit us by finding out if our approach to mental health in the workplace is successful. Today on World Mental Health Day we have launched our 2019 Mind Workplace Wellbeing Survey. We want to assess what we are doing well and how we can improve in looking after our team. Having achieved the Silver Award in 2018, and subsequently implementing the fantastic benefits portal, we are going for gold this year.

Your Helpline & Support Icon

If you’re an FGH Team member and you need to talk about your mental health, we have set up a 24/7 helpline through our team portal which is fully confidential, whenever and wherever you are in need.

Nearly half (43.4%) of all adults think they have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life and more than 20% admit to having suicidal thoughts at work. Working in the security industry can be very stressful at times, keeping millions of people safe is a massive responsibility. To be able to look after others we need to first be able to look after ourselves.

Our helpline is here to help reduce the pressures faced at work, at home or on a daily basis. Expert counsellors are ready to listen and help wherever their support is needed. If you have any emotional or impractical problems including illness, bereavement, stress at work, family or marital problems, addictions, debts or legal matters they are here to help.

If you’re an FGH Team member and you think this will help you, please click here to log in or register. Once you have accessed the portal click ‘Your Helpline & Support’ and call the number for confidential support.


Meet the team...

The support team is passionate about ensuring our people have all the tools they need to get their jobs done to a high level and keep people safe. Our training never stops, and we all take part in ongoing executive education which is themed around Leadership, Lean, Mindfulness and Teamwork.

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